Shabu-Shabu / Swish-Swish

Living in Japantown, we could obviously walk down the street and walk into the Shabu restaurant and have everything served to us while we enjoy our meal but if you can prepare everything at home, then why not??  We've had about 5 shabu nights since we discovered how yummy and easy it was to set up.  Since our first fondue experience wasn't a major success, we realized the same pot could be used for shabu.  All ingredients can be purchased at our local Japantown market right down the street and to be honest, it ends up being cheaper than going to the restaurant before tip and all that.  And of course, you can add items that they don't normally provide on the menu like meatballs and baby carrots.  For the basic shabu dinner, here's your grocery list:

-miso base (2 packet) with boiling water
-napa cabbage
-firm tofu
-enoki mushrooms
-thinly sliced beef
-ponzu sauce
-sesame sauce

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