Fondue Fun

We're huge fans of fondue and the best fondue restaurant around is La Fondue which we save for birthdays or anniversaries since it can cost almost $200 out the door.  So when it came time for putting together our wedding registry, we knew an electric fondue was a must-have.  It wasn't until recently that we finally got a chance to use it.  Peter was in charge of handling the mushroom & wine broth and looking at the instructions, it seemed like an easy task for him.  The recipe was meant for a party of 6-8 so we tried cutting it in half for the two of us but Peter, my human calculator, learned the hard way that re-calculating cooking units is a bit more difficult.  The end result was that it never really thickened and the cheese didn't fully melt in with the wine broth but that didn't stop us from enjoying our meal.  Although it didn't end up perfectly, it has great potential for a re-do.  If my sweet tooth ever kicks in, I'm sure a chocolate fondue night isn't too far away!!


  1. Don't you love wedding gifts? We got so many great kitchen items for our wedding that we probably would have never purchased for ourselves, but we love them!

  2. love fondue. i've only done it once but we did all the courses. it's cheese, chocolate anddd something else.

  3. love the pic! mmm chocolate!


  4. @Mandi - I agree completely! We probably wouldn't have bought a fondue pot but it's such a great wedding present!

    @buntology & @aes - Yes, soo yummy! Chocolate will be next!