Oh My.....Ninja??

It's too bad I didn't make this sandwich but it was so good that I have to feature it on this site.  Vietnamese sandwiches are pretty popular.  The concept is pretty simple; you have a french roll, pate, grilled pork (or other meats), plus your typical veggies like cucumber and pickled carrots and daikon.  Clearly, the photo below is packed with a whole lot more than just grilled pork.  You've got your grilled beef, tofu, pork meatballs, lemongrass chicken, a fried egg and bacon!!!  To be honest, I'm sure I'm missing some ingredients on this list but my brain can't retain all the items!  So the sandwich was purchased from a food truck called Omininja which I now discovered is O Mi Ninja.  Like all other food trucks nowadays, you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook to find out where they're located which is around the San Jose/Sunnyvale/Fremont, CA area mostly.  Check them out if you're a local.  It's $8 for their loaded sandwich with a side of shrimp chips plus you need to try their spicy orange Ninja sauce!!

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