FoodieWeds' 1st Thanksgiving

So with the hiatus, I also never got to chance to post about Thanksgiving.  And since Christmas food is pretty much a repeat of the Thanksgiving meal, what a perfect time to post this now.  I hosted for the first time with my in-law's which means I made my first turkey!  In previous years, I always ended up helping my mom out but for the first time, it was all me...fanning the smoke detector and all.

It took days to search for a decent turkey recipe and my end result was actually a recipe using turkey breasts, so I took a risk.  After multiplying the recipe enough to fit the cute 8lb. turkey, I felt confident the Rosemary-Peach Glaze would turn out okay!  While cleaning the turkey, I discovered my little turkey from Target didn't have legs!!  No drumsticks, no wings, nothing to tuck under!  After some serious pondering, I figured it was just one of those turkeys where they chop off the legs and sell it separately as turkey drumsticks, but man...that's where all the dark meat lives!  Part of me was relieved because I couldn't find kitchen twine to tuck them in anyway.  Anyway, the whole process was very straight-forward.  I brined the turkey in an apple cider mixture (see recipe) in the morning then made the glaze right before the turkey was headed for the oven.  Butterball houses a really helpful website to determine your roasting time as well as other various cooking methods for a turkey.  Definitely worth bookmarking.  My only suggestion is to chop up the frozen peaches in a food processor so it gets a good puree going then the glaze will really stick to the turkey.  My hand chopped peaches still worked and ended up being good topping for the turkey slices.  Peter ended up loving the turkey, as did the in-laws and myself, so I'm definitely saving this and making it for years to come.  Reviews also say you can use other frozen fruits like apricots, pineapple, etc.

I broiled the turkey for the last 15 minutes, hence one really burnt half.

My next dish was one of my favorites - deviled eggs.  I can't go a Thanksgiving without it and it's so easy and quick to make.  The recipe I used is pretty basic, but I always add in real bacon bits.  Be sure to watch the amount of salt you add since the bacon itself is already salty.  That was my one mistake this time around.

I also can't go without yams.  I sound like a broken record now but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so my must-have list is quite long.  My aunt makes the best yams but since I didn't have her recipe, I searched for something similar and I must admit that it's quite comparable!  Peter even became a fan of yams after I made this dish!

Starting a family (just me and Peter, that is) and finally hosting meals and dinners is a big milestone.  Hosting Thanksgiving is an even bigger deal and I'm happy to finally start saving these recipes that will soon become traditional Thanksgiving dishes during the holidays.  Happy Holidays, everyone!

(also pictured and made by my sister-in-law: corn, green beans, brussel sprouts (yum!!), stuffing, and cornbread.  also pictures and made by me but didn't make the cut: mashed potatoes and sweet mashed potatoes)

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