Happy Halloween with Rice Krispies

I'm back (I hope)! It's so difficult to maintain a blog as a hobby. The FoodieWeds still love to cook and bake more than ever so I hope to update this with some meals from the past months.

Since Halloween just passed, I wanted to share some goodies I made for the occasion. To go with my Girl Scout costume, I wanted to be able to hand out treats at the Halloween party, so discovered an awesome yet easy recipe to make Candy Corn Rice Krispies in the October edition of Martha Stewart Food. You actually make 3 different batches of rice krispies because of the various colors so it gets repetitive but you become a real pro!

For best results for this specific recipe, you'll want to use a loaf pan. It will help give you a good starting mold to shape the treats into a candy corn shape (I didn't do such a good job with this, as you'll see in the photos below). Also, you'll find it helpful to line the pan with wax paper to the top so it'll be easy to remove once hardened. Once you take it out, it should look a little something like this:

Then take out your serrated bread knife and slice the block into 8-10 even pieces.

Then again, slice those pieces in half. You'll start seeing the shape getting formed.

Finally, you'll start molding the rice krispie with your fingers. As I said, my shape wasn't ideal but people got the idea. I purchased some clear baggies from Michael's and some Halloween stickers, stuck the treats in then handed them out. It was a great success and everyone loved them!! Care to try this for next year?

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