Sushi in Japantown? Sure!

As residents of Japantown, we sure do love our share of sushi.  I remember returning from our pasta-filled Italian honeymoon and literally eating Japanese/Sushi 5 days in a row.  It was magical.  

Making sushi rolls was never something I truly cared for and especially now living in Japantown, it was easy to just walk across the street and grab a bite.  We wandered to a local Arts & Wine festival where we discovered the Maki Sushi Ki booth.  After viewing a quick live demo, we were easily sold that making sushi was a simple process and that we should embrace our love for it.  

And so the journey begins.  Our grocery trip totaled ~$25 which included sushi rice, sushi vinegar, seaweed, tuna, and salmon.  Already, that's about the price of a dinner for two at Kazoo down the street, but I had to consider that the rice and seaweed would last several meals.  Making the rolls was actually a lot of fun and easy as expected.  Since the fish stays raw, the only long process is cooking the rice and mixing and folding it over so it dries and cools completely.  To add, I was determined to make a special orange sauce to drizzle on top of my rolls and thank goodness I found an easy recipe with only 3 ingredients.  Even though it's time-consuming and expensive, it was a fun meal and definitely good team work with my husband.  

If you're ever interested in make rolls at home and don't care for those other sushi schemes with the messy bamboo mats, definitely check out this kit.  You can buy both a small and large sushi maker for $30 on their website.  Have fun!

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