To Be Italian...

If you didn't know, Peter and I went off to Italy for our honeymoon.  Our meals pretty much consisted of pizza or pasta and always a glass of wine.  Once we came back home, we decided to skip Italian food for a good while, but not just because we were sick of it, but because we knew it couldn't even compare.  The day came when we finally craved a simple pepperoni and mushroom pizza, also known as "salame e funghi" even though we copped out and actually used pepperoni and not salami.  

I knew I had to start out by making the crust from scratch.  In this case, I wanted a quick recipe that I wouldn't have to refrigerate for hours before adding the toppings.  It was indeed easy but noticed it was just too sticky but I guess it made the dough easy to spread and stay in its pie shape.  After that was in place, we added the sauce (Trader Joe's), cheese (just 1 pack of shredded Italian cheeses), sliced portobello mushroom, and pepperoni.

The recipe calls to bake it for 15-25 minutes although we let it sit and continue for at least 30 minutes.  End result: it was too soft and doughy and definitely not thin enough.  Next time, I might go for a recipe that doesn't require yeast and probably just go for a more complex recipe then go the whole refrigerate-for-4-hours route.  I do have to say that we toasted the leftovers the next day and it tasted way better, as if it was actually fully cooked this time.

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